Hosting a solar farm is a great way to earn money from your land by producing clean, solar energy.

Solar energy is no longer just a way to reduce pollution, it’s now one of the cheapest forms of energy on the planet.  By leasing your land to host a solar farm you can earn healthy returns to produce clean, solar energy. We maintain the site for the entire life of the project ensuring it is preserved for generations to come.


  • Earn healthy returns by harvesting the sun
  • Stimulate and support local economic development
  • Improve Minnesota’s aging energy infrastructure by generating power in the local community where it’s used
  • Leverage additional pollinator habitat on your property, grown and managed by Nokomis on your behalf

Land Owner Site Submission


  • What is a solar farm?

    A solar farm is a multi-acre facility that generates solar electricity from sunlight and sends that electricity to the nearby utility grid.  The farm consists of solar panels a metal substructure, electrical equipment and is surrounded by a fence for safety and security.

  • How long is the agreement for?

    Land leases are generally contracted for 25-35 years or more.  We start structure our offer based on the right approach for you.

  • What is the impact to my land?

    Constructing a solar project takes a couple months.  Before any construction starts, infrastructure, environmental and jurisdictional screens are performed on the site.  The results will be used to properly design the system. Solar systems are generally installed on relatively flat ground and supported by galvanized steel piles driven into the earth ~5-15’.  The highest point in the system sits ~9’ off the ground and a cover crop is planted within and around the system. Often a small concrete pad is poured to support the electrical switchgear and utility pole may be included to support interconnection to the utility grid.  An operations and maintenance team will visit the site ~2-4 times/year to manage vegetation and perform routine testing on the system.

  • Will my property taxes be impacted?

    Every state differs.  In Minnesota your property taxes are NOT impacted.  MN Statue 272.02.24 exempts all solar energy systems from property tax for the portion of the land they use. Instead a production tax is implemented as defined in MN Statute 272.0295.  This tax is paid for by the owner of the solar system, removing this burden from the landowner.