Energy that Fits Your Community

Whether your local energy project is just getting started, or already well on its way,
our team of experts will help you overcome your challenges and get to the finish line.

Spend Too Much On Energy?
We can walk you through the options of the new marketplace of distributed energy.

Bring Solar to Your Community
We can help craft an action plan or
a community solar program.

Have Sustainability Goals?
Many businesses and municipalities have a plan in place to move to alternative energy.

View Your Energy Options
Believe it or not, you now have a choice where your energy comes from.

Nokomis Partners exists

to accelerate

local energy adoption.

Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN


Spread access to stable
and low-cost energy


Create sustainable
energy sources


Improve community


Contribute to the
local economy

How We Can Help

Many of our clients have goals. Some have ideas of what they want to accomplish but need assistance in understanding their options.  We help you achieve them through off-site and on-site energy solutions.

Community Solar

Community Solar offers you one of the only ways to reduce your electricity costs without reducing your consumption.  All that and NO impact to your facilities.
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On-Site Solar

An on-site solution can reduce your energy costs, eliminate energy cost volatility, expand your financing options and enhance your marketing and public relations efforts.  Our open book approach provides you the information you need to make the right decision.

Consulting Services

We care deeply about our customers and our communities.  We engage beyond the traditional energy development scope to accelerate the adoption of clean, local energy.


Energy that fits your community.

Nokomis Partners is a Minneapolis based energy developer with a mission to accelerate local energy adoption through equitable partnerships. Our approach is predicated on creating value for all stakeholders involved in a project. We specialize in understanding the full development process from origination, to technology, to long-term operation.

Host a Solar Garden

Please call now: 612 470 3223

Get paid to host a solar garden on your land.
– Landowners
– Property Managers

Subscribe to Community Solar

Please call now: 612 470 3223

Save on your energy bills with no changes to your facility.
– Businesses
– Municipalities
– Residents


      You don’t start paying until the projects generate electricity. You will receive bill credits on your Xcel bill and reduce your electricity costs.


      Unlike energy efficiency or rooftop solar, community solar is installed off-site. No changes to your building or your energy usage behavior.


      Our fixed savings rate means you always save money no matter if the utility rates rise or fall. With more certainty comes less risk.